The States of Soccer

The recent loss to Ghana has opened the flood gate to speculation about the future of team U.S.A. As U.S. Soccer officials try to determine the future of Bob Bradley; U.S soccer supporters and also those who try to determine where the next generation of U.S. soccer players will come from.

While soccer is the sport of choice internationally; in the United States it is far from being the most popular sport. Soccer does not possess the pastime of baseball, nor the hard hitting of football or hockey, nor the athletes of basketball. Usually soccer isn’t on during primetime but rather denigrated to an obscure channel early in the morning.  The U.S does have a professional league, the MLS, though despite attempts to bring superstars to play soccer in America (David Beckham with the Los Angeles Galaxy and rumors of Thierry Henry coming to the Red Bulls) the league still has not seen popularity to compete with other sports. Continue Reading »

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US Soccer: Win and You’re In!!!

The USA caught a break when England and Algeria ended in a scoreless draw. Now the USA soccer team controls its own destiny…something that we would have never anticipated  following up the controversial USA vs. Slovenia draw. As a side point, the referee during that game will not be refereeing during the round of 16.  Quite frankly, it would have been a shock if he was back on the field after making a call like that. Continue Reading »

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Ronaldo Traded to Real Madrid

Well, it looks like it’s official, Real Madrid has to win everything next season. For an astonishing 80 million Euros (about $131M) Manchester United has sent the best player on the planet to Real Madrid. This trade for Cristiano Ronaldo has been ongoing since Real Madrid tried to snatch him up last year. It looks like now it’s just a matter of time before Ronaldo is in Spain. And oh yeah, Madrid also just got some guy named Kaka so they should have an alright team.

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